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1 - You are in Venice therefore you wear proper comfortable shoes for long walks and check your city map to reach FONDAMENTE NUOVE, you might decide for a water taxi if you do not feel like walking, but in both cases you will have a panoramic view of the northern part of the lagoon where Murano and Burano islands are.
Pretty close to the Civil Hospital, hosted by the SS.GIOVANNI E PAOLO church, once the SCOLA GRANDE SAN MARCO, where the legend of "IL MENDICANTE ED IL LEVANTINO" took place. This legend is contained in the book "Venetian legends and ghost stories" edit by Arsenale of Alberto Toso Fei, together to others
very suggestive. Many visitors like asking our guides to take them among the city following these legends.

2 - VENICE ON BOARD is an association of young and smart Venetians that share with us the aim of offering the visitors QUALITY experiences in the city with ethical purpose in order to gain a quality tourism that will benefit both the city and the visitor. The Ideal Answer for those who really want to experience the city in a different way.
The perspective changes totally, since the guys of the association VENICE ON BOARD will allow you to climb on their row boats and to row with them among the channels of the city, giving you the possibility to discover the façade that Venice once reserved to his/her nobler inhabitants. They the doors that gave on the water were reserved for the nobility, while the doors set in the calle were used be the servants.
They have typical Venetian boats and a small yard, where they work really very hard. To row in the most secret canals, which are forbidden to motor boats it will definitely be an experience you will never forget.

3 - For those visiting the city with kids, the city itself is fascinating in every possible sight, so it could be a nice game for them to to take pictures with a old camera, giving them some subjects to treasure hunt. And you cannot miss the Museum of Natural History at the Fontego dei Turchi, leaning on the Canal Grande it will leave your kids in awe.
The Peggy Guggenheim museum has art activities for Children.

4 - To turn something obvious into something interesting is our goal. This is what we look for when our guests ask for the island tour. We don't like the idea of taking you on a tour that goes left and right in Murano island in order to make you buy the most expensive lamp (unless you do not ask for it!!), but we would like you to witness the miracle of the HOW IT'S MADE. And with the water taxi we will have the most breathtaking sight of Venice for
the Burano. This shows you how everything changes according to were you are standing. In Burano you could have a good meal.

5 - The visit to the PARON DE CASA (literally the landlord, which is how Venetians call the Bell tower in S.Marco). The 99 m Bell tower can be visited from 9.45 to 19.00 with an euro 8,00 ticket. This needs to be seen and heard any explanation would not give it its justice.

6 - Shopping in Venice can be for all pockets, only we recommand you not to buy junk. REMEMBER that it can't be real local glass if it is to cheap. If you want to go for glass but you left Murano, we suggest you to go to San Cassan and visit the glass shop of VITTORIO COSTANTINI. The shop is quite close to the Rialto fish Market.

7 - To be in Venice it means to be in Italy and in Italy we eat! We are sure you like good food and fresh fish, so pay a visit to the "Hosteria Storica" were good food, History and politeness are all part of it.

8 - And now, the GONDOLA TOUR!!! REMEMBER that rates are different and you have the power to decide how long you want the ride to be. But in case you do not have time, there is a little trick so that you can take pictures of you and your friends on a gondola. How? Well, go to the TRAGHETTO SANTA SOFIA and with only euro 2,00 the Gondoliere will transfer you to the other side of the canal. Be quick at taking that picture! It's going to be a short ride, but once again, the sight of the Rialto market will be breath taking.

9 - Check out the events of the BIENNALE, since it is always something to see. You will have the Giardini part and the Asenale part. Both in sestiere Castello. Many events normally take part in different places of the city. A good idea is to reserve a water taxi for a couple of hours and go place to place with it. Even if nothing is going on, it is good to pay a visit to the Giardini and Arsenale area, and walk a little longer reaching the green part of the city: Sant Elena.

10 - During the Repubblica Serenissima the nobles spent their summer vacations on the Brenta river, which is outside the island, the so called TERRA FERMA (the mainland).
This is the reason for all the incredible Ville Venete, which really deserve a visit, for example the Palladian Villa Foscari, called villa di Malcontenta, 1559. Typically surrounded by art and nature giving the idea of the big consideration Venetians had for nature itself at the time.
It is possible to visit these Villas with the boat tour on the Burchiello that can transport up to 120 pax along the river.
It is a pleasure for us to take you with our taxi ncc to the point of departure of the boat. If you do not like travelling by boat, it is possible for us to take you to the city of Padova.

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